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There’s nothing wrong with expecting miracles. I do all the time. But if You Lose Weight Overnight, That’s About How Long It Will Take to Gain It Back. That’s why I need The Right Stuff. It’s a one minute health tip that can impact your life forever. It’s useful, reliable and entertaining advice on fitness, diet, motivation, wisdom, nutrition and living a good life much more.

When it comes to living healthfully ever after, the truth is that we have to work for it. We can wish for bodies that are fitter, leaner, thinner, more toned, more tanned, athletic and sexier. We can dream about it too. The secret is to read about it and dare yourself to do it. Take one healthy risk a day and you’ll live happily ever NOW.

Should you tell you children to clean their plates?

“Clean your plate or else” and other demanding parenting ways can lead to overweight children. Strict moms were four times more likely to raise tubby first graders than mothers who treated their children with flexibility and respect while setting clear rules. Experts speculate that parents who show warmth in a framework of rules helps kids learn to make good decisions. Others think that strict parents may create stressful homes where overeating becomes comfort and escape. So don’t demand clean plates and don’t clean yours either.

Do you think your friends know your pretty well?

We may think our friends know us pretty well, but we’re wrong. We tend to overestimate the personal information our friends retain about us—our favorite movies restaurants colors. Why? Researchers believe our self image is tied to how important we think we are to other people, especially those we care about most. This might explain some of those strange birthday gifts you’ve gotten over the years. So when it comes to what pleases you, speak up. Don’t assume they know.

So, you snoozed under the clear, blue sky without enough sunscreen and you’re fried. What can you do?

Most of the time you can treat sunburns at home. Here’s what to do if you’re overdone by the sun:
  • Run cool water over the sunburned area for 10 minutes or try a cool bath to reduce swelling and relieve pain.
  • Use over-the-counter products designed for soothing sunburn pain. Sprays are a better choice because you don’t have to rub your skin.
  • Take some Advil.
  • Call your doctor if your experience fever, chills or nausea or the sunburn worsens .
I guess you’ll never forget that sunscreen again. And that’s good news.

Do you think you can get poison ivy without touching the plant itself?

Leaves of three, I hate thee! That’s what lots of people want to cry each summer when they develop the telltale itchy, red rash and blisters that signify a case of poison ivy. It is caused by an allergic reaction to the oil in the plant. But you don’t have to actually touch them to get the rash. People can be exposed by touching something that previously touched the plant, such as gardening equipment. This is a great reason to hire someone else to do the lawn and get the poison ivy for you.

You’re swimming and you see lightning and hear thunder. When should you get out of the water?

Swimming during a thunderstorm is one of the most dangerous things you can do. Water conducts electricity, so a lightning strike can severely injure or kill someone in water—pools lakes or ocean. Follow the 30-30 rule: first count the second between seeing lightning and hearing thunder. If it’s less than 30 seconds, seek shelter. After a storm passes, wait 30 minutes from the last time you heard thunder before you jump back in. This is no time to be in a hurry.

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