Julie Isphording is a treasured speaker. National audiences refer to her presence as empowering-energizing-entertaining. Her healthy wisdom, wit, advice and inspiration can move a roomful of people into action. She believes in the strength of the human spirit and that anyone can triumph. Julie demonstrates that through her own personal struggle to make the Olympic Team only to land in the hospital with career threatening spinal surgery.

Julie provides a compelling and gutsy message of determination, drive and courage. Her engaging stories and powerful messages from her many years in competition and radio are delivered with enthusiasm, humor, and charm.

Julie will customize the following keynotes and breakouts just for you and your audience:


What a Difference a Day Can Make
Small Changes that Make a Big Difference in Your Health
Small change adds up. Empty your small change into a jar every day, and watch the total add up over time. Make small changes in your daily habits—such as your meals and snacks, your relationships, your work, or your leisure-and watch those changes gradually accumulate into a much healthier, happier, and better you. Olympic marathon runner and radio talk show host Julie Isphording will give you the secrets to make it all happen. In one hour, you will have a year’s worth of small changes that will add up to big changes in your life.

How to lead an Olympic life.
Every day.
Olympic marathoner and radio talk show host, Julie Isphording has some eye-opening and entertaining secrets to give away on how to win at this game of life every day. You will walk away with a passionate plan to make tremendous strides in your personal and professional life. She promises that you will have more self-confidence, less stress, more energy and healthy strategies for feeling good. It’s all about a healthy passion for what you do. It’s all about you.

Courage to fail
The courage to try again
You’ve heard the saying “when one door closes, another opens.” In this uplifting presentation, Olympic marathon runner and radio talk show host Julie Isphording will teach you how to turn this belief into the guiding principle you can lean on when change and transition threaten to disrupt your life. Whether you’re talking on new job responsibilities, making a major life change or shifting gears in some other uncomfortable way, the skills you’ll learn here will enable you to take each step forward with unstoppable courage.

How We Choose to Be Happy
The Simple Secrets of Happy People
Olympic marathon runner and radio talk show host Julie Isphording will give you a happiness makeover. No matter if you’re miserable, moody or just neutral; Julie will teach you the simple strategies that will make you happy every day. You will learn how to change negative thinking, find joy in life, and with practice, positive thoughts will become second nature and you won’t have to work so hard at being happy. How much joy can you stand?
The ability to say NO firmly
And get what you really want from life

How to energize your life
Every day

It’s A Gift.

The Power of Keeping Your Promises
Not everyone else’s

How to Train For a Marathon
When You don’t have the Time

How to start a running program
And Lose Lots of Baggage

The Best is yet to Come
How to Live the Life You’ve Imagined

Beautiful Bones Beautiful You
Lessons about Osteoporosis from the Olympic Road

The best exercise of your life
Lose weight
Be healthy
Be happy

It doesn’t matter where you’ve been
You can still change where you’re going

The Best is Yet To Come
How are you going to life your best life?

Laugh long. Live longer
What do happy people know?

How Much Joy can you Stand?
How to Push Past Your Fears and Live Your Own Olympic Life…Every Day!

Mind your Body-
Feeling Good About Your Body and Self After 40

Looking forward
An Optimists Guide to Tomorrow



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People – Interviews & Discussions

Bernie Siegel, MD
President Ronald Reagan
President George H. Bush
Lee Majors (6 million dollar man!)
Ahmad Rashad
Florence Henderson
Barbara Bush
Elizabeth Dole